What Does Tarragon Taste Like? The Answer That Will Surprise You

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We know the fact that food might not have the depth and distinct flavor once there is no help from spices or herbs. And tarragon is one of the best options added to almost numbers of dishes. Along with the use of this herb, there could be numbers of questions that need to be answered as well. One of this would be “what does tarragon taste like”. Well, if you are one of those many individuals who wonder about the taste of tarragon, this article will provide you the surprising answer to your question.

What Is Tarragon?

What Is Tarragon

Let’s learn a bit of thing about tarragon first. If you want to know what does tarragon tastes like, you need to define tarragon as well. This herb was mainly cultivated for medical and also cooking purposes. It is a native from Asia belonging to the sunflower family. This herb features a long, flat and narrow leaf and appears to be smooth and glossy.

Tarragon has three types and these are the Russian, French, and Mexican variety. However, the Russian and the French varieties are the most common and widely used options. The only difference would be in the taste since these two are very similar with one another.​

In addition, tarragon is mostly used for vinegar, pickles, and also for sour dishes. It could also be found in many stews, soups and other broth-based dishes particularly those with tomatoes and eggs. This herb could add a very distinct flavor, in fact, it could go well with meats, fish, mustard and perfect for making sauces.​

It is important to know what does tarragon tastes like since it could be used in elevating dishes. It has the ability to offer a distinct flavor which will definitely make everyone wonder and ask for more.​

So, What Does Tarragon Taste Like?

The Taste Of Tarragon

Simply said, tarragon does have a unique taste. It offers both sweetness and bitterness. The taste of this herb will give you a hint of vanilla and licorice. There is a war between warm and cool taste. It is also minty and could taste a bit of hay. However, tarragon is peppery and there is a subtle taste of turpentine. You might also taste a good eucalyptus flavor making it a lot different from fennel and anise.

These combinations of odd flavors are the reasons why tarragon do have a unique great taste. As said earlier, the two varieties which are the Russian and French tarragon greatly differ on taste. The Russian variety lies more on the strong taste that is bitter, more harsh and tingly while the French one offers a mild and delicately sweet taste.

In addition, though capable of offering stronger flavor, Russian variety is less aromatic and could easily lose its flavor once it matures. On the other hand, the Mexican tarragon could be determined easily due to its little yellow flowers that are harder in texture and could offer a strong anise taste.

Knowing that tarragon has a distinct taste, it could be a great companion with fish and poultry. It might go well with fishes having high-fat content such as salmon. How about tarragon chicken? Tarragon offers mild and fresh licorice flavor that perfectly suits with chicken.

tarragon chicken

Indeed, you will enjoy the taste of tarragon and you will be surprised that by the said combinations of odd flavors, a unique taste is provided. And health benefits could also be gained out of using tarragon.​

Herbs And Spices That Go Well With Tarragon

Herbs And Spices That Go Well With Tarragon

There are also certain numbers of herbs and spices that once added along with tarragon could offer a unique and refreshing flavor and taste. Some of these options are the following:

  • Mustard Seed: Mustard is most of the time sold being flavored with tarragon. Mustard seeds do have a distinct flavor and taste that are elevated with the delicate taste of French tarragon.
  • Anise: Since tarragon and anise have the same licorice-like flavor, if you combine them, there will be an assurance of unique and better taste.
  • Chives: This one along with tarragon could be a perfect flavoring for butter in terms of basting chicken and also as a spread.
  • Chervil and Parsley: Tarragon indeed goes well with chervil and parsley and they are fresh tasting herbs that could lead to great salads, stews, and sauces.
  • Coriander: If you are cooking seafood, then combine the nutty flavor of coriander and the sweet licorice flavor of tarragon.

And there are other herbs and spices that you might choose to combine with tarragon.

How To Use Tarragon The Right Way?

How To Use Tarragon The Right Way

Known as a mild herb, tarragon is intended to offer subtle tastes with your dishes. It is also quite delicate to your tongue as well as fragile once cooked. With this, experienced cooks would recommend that you have to avoid using too much and you have to put it in during the end of your cooking.

In addition, tarragon must not be used once you plan to use it together with some strong-tasting spices and herbs. So, most people would only use tarragon when cooking mild dishes which involve light seasoning. Once overcooked, tarragon might lose the sweetness and leave a bitter taste instead.

This herb is most popularly used once making Béarnaise sauce. It is also quite popular once being cooked with healthy salads and fish which are fast, simple and easy to make. You might as well use tarragon as the garnish.

However, tarragon might overpower your dish because of its flavor so just use this in small amounts. Only a tiny amount would suffice. And tarragon might also lose its flavor once dried so there is a need for you to use twice the amount of dried tarragon once your dish requires a fresh one.

Final Thoughts

So there it is! Your question what does tarragon taste like is already answered. Plus, you are provided with helpful information that will let you learn more about tarragon. Indeed, tarragon is a type of herb which could be used in order to create amazing dishes with delectable tastes.

And you want that, right? You definitely want to serve only the best and most delightful dishes, right? If yes, then better make sure you know how to use tarragon and even other herb and spices that will definitely elevate your dishes.

Are you satisfied with the provided answer to your question? Will you now try the taste of tarragon by yourself? If yes, share with us your experience!

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