What Does Octopus Taste Like? You Should Know It Here

This article is the best help to let you know what does octopus taste like. Plus, the essential facts about octopus as a cuisine.

Did you find it too scary to eat octopus? Why? Well, if yes, you shouldn’t be! Octopus seems like a scary thing but doesn't you know that many people almost all over the world eat them. They are considered as an ancient invertebrate, with different kinds, and so a few of them are used as food.

With that, what does octopus taste like? It might not sound like an appetizing dish especially if you haven’t tried it before, but, you should know that it’s a special delicacy in many parts of the world.


Octopus vs. Squid

octopus vs squid

I know you are familiar with calamari. So, you shouldn’t be confused between squid and octopus. Take note that calamari isn’t an octopus rather it is a type of squid. An octopus differs from the squid in terms of texture as well as cooking quality.

Though they have the same taste, they are truly two different sea creatures. Squids are popularly found in most cuisines like in Japanese and Thai, and also they are eaten in a variety of ways. The squid ink is the one used in order to color black pasta.

On the other hand, the octopus is less commonly used, and the tentacles would only fit to be eaten which are indeed great for one’s health. Yes, you can rely on the squid if you want to know what does octopus tastes like but always bear in mind that they aren’t the same.

Octopus As A Special Food

Octopus as a Special Food

Indeed, the octopus is a common dish in most different cultures however the most common ones are the Japanese and Chinese. Raw octopus is a staple in most sushi dishes in Japan. It is also included in Caribbean, Italian, Spanish and Greek cuisines.

Octopus might be grilled on an open flame in Greek while it is served along with pasta or as a Carpaccio in Italian dishes. And in the Caribbean, it is often served in ceviche. There are indeed variations with regards on how to serve octopus as a special cuisine.

This kind of cuisine is low in calorie and a protein source which is filling and nutritious. It also has vitamins, low in fat and high in iron. There is also a selenium that helps in metabolizing protein and is also considered as an antioxidant. You can also get Vitamin B12 that will assist in producing red blood cells.

So, apart from being a bit scary as you imagine it swims in the ocean, who wouldn’t love to eat octopus?

What Does Octopus Taste Like? The Flavor And Texture

What Does Octopus Taste Like The Flavor and Texture

More often, people would think octopus to be chewy, bland and tough. But really, what does octopus taste like?

Once properly prepared, the octopus has relatively the same texture to lobster. You shouldn’t believe to those who are saying that octopus is slimy since it will never be slimy once made correctly. It is considered as a delicacy because it is expensive and hard to prepare properly as well.

Compared to squid, the octopus is very tender. A tough octopus would mean it is not properly cooked. In fact, cooking octopus dish isn’t a simple thing at all. There is a need for a great effort and preparation to cook it properly.

Besides, octopus also has a very distinctive texture and once uncooked, it also has a very distinct smell. Concerning the flavor of the octopus, it could be very much influenced by the cooking flavors as well as the method used.

You can eat octopus in its raw form and experience a slightly sweet flavor but expect to have a different flavor profile with each different method of preparation.

From Finding To Cooking Octopus

From Finding to Cooking Octopus

And now, let us proceed to finding, preparing and cooking the octopus. Many home cooks aren’t preparing octopus as a dish since they are very trick to prepare and cook. The fresh ones should be cleaned and cut before they could be cooked.

So, how to clean octopus?

It is a meticulous chore to clean the octopus, but not a quite difficult one. You have to remove all the innards and rinse it. You might ask for the fishmonger to do the job as you buy fresh ones. But frozen octopus is already processed and cleaned.

The octopus will look like a deflated sac having tentacles after being cleaned. And now, cooking it is actually the daunting part. The process might be unnerving since octopus is really tough and it might take some time as well as technique to tender.

How to cook octopus?

You might tenderize the octopus in different ways, but simmering method is the best option advised. Do this by submerging the entire octopus in a liquid of your preference like water and red wine and cook it over a low flame. The said process will ensure that the octopus gets cooked evenly.

Cooking time of the octopus will vary based on its size, and it could take around 30 minutes to four hours. You could also easily check the tenderness of the octopus by inserting the knife into the thickest part of the body. If tenderized, you might use the octopus in different dishes and ways.

Final Thoughts

So, you now have an idea about the taste of octopus? You shouldn’t be scared about this sea creature rather you should expect that you will have a great experience with regards to its taste. Considered as a special delicacy to some parts of the world, you should not ask “what does octopus taste like” rather you should try eating one.

If you don’t want the hassle of preparing and cooking of octopus, why not visit some restaurants out there that are offering octopus as one of their main dishes. And from that, you will know the taste of the octopus by yourself.

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