What Does Lobster Taste Like? You’ll Know The Amazing Answer Here

What does lobster taste like? If you want to know the answer, this article will provide you what it tastes like. Plus, significant information about lobster will be provided.

So, have you ever tried lobster? What does lobster taste like? Did you like its taste? Known to be a fancy food, the lobster will offer you great taste. This seafood is popularized as a luxurious and expensive food. However, sometimes, you also need to satisfy your craving for this kind of seafood though it might shake your budget. Continue reading to learn more about lobster and its taste, particularly.


History As A Lobster's Cuisine

Based from the history, the lobster wasn’t a fancy dish before not how it is today. It was the opposite of high class before.

Lobster’s History As A Cuisine

During the early days of the United States, this seafood was so plentiful which it was only considered fit for poor individuals, prisoners, and servants. And lobsters were even used as baits to catch other fertilizer and as a fertilizer too by Native Americans in the Northeastern United States.

But, in 1880’s, things have changed a lot for a lobster. It began to gain a following in the North Eastern states and then prices started to rise as well. And during World War II, this seafood was considered as a delicacy wherein only the wealthy ones could afford to consume lobster.

However, will this mean that only rich people can tell what does lobster taste like? I don’t think so!

What Does Lobster Taste Like?

Chicken salad

So, what does lobster taste like? Indeed, lobster offers a unique flavor to anyone’s palate. And this is the reason why it is a lot more expensive compared to other shellfish. Though it has a taste that similar to a crab, it is not the same at all. Lobster has a sweeter and lighter taste than crab and offers health benefits too.

Besides, the texture of lobster is part of its charm. This texture could be found on a scale between shrimp and crab. Unlike crab, lobster isn’t that flaky, and it is not as chewy as shrimp as well. In fact, this seafood is sometimes known as melt-in-your-mouth.

What does lobster

In general, lobster is being served with butter. This butter makes it moister as well as increases some much-required fat to a leaner protein. Compared to chicken, lobster is a lot leaner.

And the same with other seafood, lobster could also be described as fishy. If you have a fresh lobster, it will not provide overwhelming taste or smell of that fishiness many would complain about. But, if it tastes or smells extremely fishy then it might be old and shouldn’t be eaten at all.

Truly, the best way to know what does lobster taste like is to go out and try it yourself. If too nervous about trying it then consider trying it in a particular dish rather as a stand-alone entrée.

How To Cook Lobster?

What does flavored lobster

Now, you want to try lobster in a certain recipe, right? But don’t be surprised that its flavor might change based on how you cook it. Along with that, take note that it might not be an easy process to cook a lobster. In fact, right from finding live lobster, things are probably tricky already. Make sure that you purchase this seafood right on the day you are to cook it.

If you bought two 1-pound of lobsters, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • In 20-quart canning pot or kettle with a lid, bring eight quarts of water to a boil. You have to put some salt in the water.
  • As the water comes to the boil, you have to rinse the lobster. Simply grab the lobster behind the eyes and rinse under cold water. After that, plunge each lobster quickly into the boiling water then cover the pot.
  • Now, set the timer to 15 minutes. You might tell the lobsters are done cooking once they turn bright red and if the tails curl under.
  • As for removing the meat from its shell, flip the lobster on the back the twist its tail and the body as well in opposite directions under the tail comes off. With the use of kitchen scissors, you might want to cut the tail membrane that exposes the tail meat. After that, remove the black vein in its tail and pop out the meat.
  • You have to take away the claws by twisting them off. To break its claws open, use a nutcracker. Gently pull the meat out of its claw.
  • And with the use of Nutcracker, you have to open the body then pull out the rest of the flesh using a small pork.

The process seems easy but still, there is a need for you to follow these steps and you will have a great lobster. And you will know what does lobster taste like as well.

What To Eat With Lobster?

how to tell if chicken salad is bad

Aside from learning how you can cook the lobster, you might also want to know what you should eat together with this expensive delicacy. If you have a boiled lobster, then serve it with clarified butter. You might also consider some side dishes like green beans, corn, rice, risotto, pasta, and asparagus. Lobster meat is also good for some dishes though boiled one is the most common option.

Across the country, lobster bisques, ravioli and cheeses, and macaroni are the most common ones in restaurants. This seafood is also a common meat used in salads. In fact, you can always find lobster included in multi-seafood dishes or seafood platters.

And also, lobster could also come with at least one kind of veggie. The starch will help the meal feel a lot more complete, and most of the time, restaurants will pair a starch of some sort with lobster. Still, you will learn what does lobster taste like even with these options to serve with the said seafood.

So, Is Lobster Expensive?

Lobster is expensive

Well, this depends on where you are to buy it. Yes, there is the fact that lobster could be the priciest item included in the menu of an expensive restaurant. However, in some other parts of the world, it could be a common place as a chicken and so could be a lot more affordable.

The fact is that the price of lobster might depend on two factors which are: how much people are willing to pay and how big were the lobster harvests during a certain season. And also, in landlocked and big cities, lobster is considered as a delicacy, so it is expensive though the yields are good.

the lobster

On the other hand, in coastal and small towns with easy access to this seafood, lobster could be a lot more affordable. And this goes double to those islands in warm climates wherein lobsters reproduce as well as grow fast enough always to be available.

Final Thoughts

And now, are you confident to answer what does lobster taste like? Again, it has a meaty texture and a subtle shellfish taste that makes it a great lean protein choice for those that are bored with a chicken or some other shellfish dishes. Also, it has a unique flavor that goes well with different side dishes and other meals. So, go out and try lobster yourself.

For further questions or suggestion, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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