What Does Elk Taste Like? Essential Things You Need To Know

After reading this article, you will learn what does elk taste like along with some of the most important things associated with the taste of the elk meat.

Elk is considered as one of the most popular game meats however not all people have this opportunity of having a taste of it. If you are among those people who haven’t taste it, you might be wondering what elk tastes like. Along with that, are you also wondering if elk meat is good for you? Continue reading on to learn the taste of the elk meat.


Elk Defined


Elk is a species that belongs to the deer family and also indigenous to the Western grasslands making it rare one. They are also known to be fast animals like horses.

Actually, it is also believed that they could run at the maximum speed of 45 miles every hour. Though in terrains, they could also run quickly. Among hunters, elks are popular targets however since they move fast it might be hard to catch them.

These species eat native grass and trees. These are also rich in grains and due to what they eat, elk meat is also lean and healthy. It is indeed a popular choice for steaks and jerky.

So, do you think elk is good for you? Rest assured, elk is a savory meat, mouth-watering and tender. It is also lower in fat compared with chicken, pork, beef and some seafood along with being rich in key essential nutrients. And because Americans do exceed in the advised daily allowance of fats, elk meat is definitely a healthy and delicious substitute.​

Health Benefits Of Elk: Why Is It Good For You?

Health Benefits  Elk

Aside from being delicious, elk is also good for the body. There are indeed numbers of health benefits that this meat could offer. For those that are too conscious about their eating habits, elk might be a good addition to the meal because of being savory and numerous health benefits.

First and foremost, elk contains Vitamin B-12 that is one of the reasons why it is considered to be good for your health. A single serving of the said meat would already suffice in order to meet the daily dietary needs. This would also help in terms of improving cardiovascular health.

Along with that, elk meat is also asserted as a potent source of iron the same with other red meats. And due to this, it is as well a good option for people that are suffering from anemia.

Health Benefits of Elk

And finally, elk meat also contain zinc that is essential for the improvement of the immune system. This would also lessen the chance of suffering from certain illnesses such as a cough and cold.

Apart from the minerals and vitamins which are found in elk, bear in mind too that it has no carbohydrates and sugars. Sodium is a minimal amount too and in fact, it is dubbed as the Heart Smart Red Meat giving you an idea of whether how healthy it is.

So, What Does Elk Meat Taste Like?

meat taste like

And for the most important part of this article, what does elk meat really taste like? There are only few people who are fortunate to taste the meat and savor such a delectable flavor. So if you are among the unfortunate ones, why not have an idea of whether how does the elk meat taste like.

Knowing the fact that elk meat is almost the same with beef, it might find it a lot easier to differentiate the flavor of these two for those with discerning taste buds. But in some cases, it might be a bit hard to say whether how these two types of meat differ.

But bear in mind that elk meat is dense as well as dark red in color. It is also flavorful and tender. But, how flavorful is it? Actually, there is no need of marinating since elk meat alone could already give you a clue of whether how bold is the flavor of this meat.

Along with that, the meat is also slightly sweet due to their diet. Elks are known to be grass-fed resulting to the sweet flavor profile of the lean meat. But, the taste could also vary based on the way it is cooked as well as the choice of the used flavorings.

So, do you now have any idea whether what does elk taste like?

The Difference Between Elk Meat And Beef

How to cook elk meat

Though many would say that beef and elk meat are pretty much the same, still there are key differences between them. Elk meat tastes a lot better than the beef considered as the first biggest difference. This could be due to its rarity at the same time its diet.

Another important difference is that the elk meat would usually have a cleaner taste than the beef which is asserted as to be the gamier. And there are other differences that might be observed once elk meat and beef.

Indeed, the difference between elk meat and beef might be easily tasted if you know what their unique and original taste is.

How To Cook Elk Meat?

How to cook elk meat

​Now, are you thinking about cooking elk meat? Well, your favorite marinade could be used easily once planning to cook delicious elk steaks and most recipes might be adapted to elk meat. Knowing that elk meat is just as the same as beef, it could be cooked the same way too.

​Indeed, the seasonings, as well as other ingredients that are used, will dictate the flavor that would dominate. So, it is very important that you cook the meat the right way in order for you to enjoy its optimal flavor.

​As for the basics, elk has a deliciously clean flavor considered as not gamey. Once cooking elk meat, the key in order to keep the meat tender and also to preserve the delicate flavor is to prevent moisture loss.

And for best results, you must not exceed of 140 degrees as an internal temperature. If you are comfortable with the slightly pinker meat, 130 degrees is a lot better. Watch this to learn how to cook elk meat.

But if you are among those people who prefer for the meat to be well and perfectly done, certain cooking techniques such as braising could be considered. It is a technique wherein the meat is cooked at for a long period of time at a low temperature. The use of slow cooker or braising would also yield juicy and tender results.​

Elk Meat Recipe

 to elk meat

And for you to try cooking and experiencing the taste of elk meat, try this simple and delicious elk steak marinade. The ingredients needed are as follow:

  • Canola oil, 3 tablespoons
  • Minced onion, 3 tablespoons
  • Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon
  • Soy sauce, 1 tablespoon
  • Worcestershire sauce, 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic powder, 1 teaspoon
  • Ground black pepper, ½ teaspoon
  • Elk steak, 1 ½ pounds

And for the directions to follow, consider these:

  • In a bowl, whisk the lemon juice, canola oil, soy sauce, onion, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and garlic powder until marinade is well-mixed.
  • Put the elk steak in the large re-sealable plastic bag and pour the marinade over the meat.
  • Coat meat with the marinade then squeeze out excess air and seal the bag.
  • For at least four hours, marinate it in the refrigerator, turning occasionally.
  • Then, preheat the grill to medium heat and oil the grate lightly.
  • Drain the elk steak and discard the marinade.
  • Cook steaks on the preheated grill up until they begin to firm and becomes hot and slightly pink in the center. Set aside for about 5 minutes. There is a need for the instant-read thermometer to read 140 degrees Fahrenheit once inserted in the center.
 cook elk meat

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Aside from having an idea whether what does elk taste like, you are also provided with key things about elk, or elk meat in general. Again, elk meat could be a lot similar to beef but key differences are also observed. If you haven’t tried eating elk meat, then why not try now and experience its taste by yourself.

If ever you have already tasted elk meat, share with us your experience about it! Hit like and share now!

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