What Does Asparagus Taste Like? Know It Here!

Aren’t you familiar with the taste of asparagus? If not, this article will let you know what does asparagus taste like. Read on to know more about the taste of asparagus!

You might be one among those people that are not familiar with the taste of asparagus, right? It could be a foreign taste to the majority since most people would think of broccoli, cucumbers, kale, carrots, spinach and more when it comes to vegetables. With that, asparagus is often ignored and so many would not know what asparagus tastes like.


What Is Asparagus?

What is asparagus

Though in most cases, asparagus is being ignored, still, it is considered as a favorite vegetable due to its nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber.

It typically appears as spears of pencil-sized stalks along with having a bright green color and also a small head that narrows to a point. And though most of them are green, there are certain varieties that come in white and purple.

Asparagus is most of the time sold in stores and at the organic markets but there are usually in abundance right at the very early time of spring.

What Does It Taste Like?

What Does It Taste Like

So, what do you think is the taste of the asparagus? Well, have you tried potatoes? If yes, asparagus does have a unique taste and flavor. For those healthy eaters as well as gourmet food lovers, this vegetable is well-appreciated because of its mild and earthy taste particularly if you buy and cook the fresh ones.

However, there might be cases wherein asparagus taste like bitter or sour. This could be due to the idea of buying them past in its prime freshness or once you overcooked them as well. Overall, it has a mild flavor that could go well with some other vegetables or a wide range of dishes such as sautéed and stews.

What Taste Like

In addition, this vegetable could also work well when it comes to absorbing the prominent tastes of the dishes that you are cooking and these include garlic, vinegar, and lemon. Indeed, asparagus has a very distinct flavor which is hard to describe accurately.

Delightful Foods To Go With Asparagus

If you are not a fan of eating raw asparagus or this vegetable alone then considering some of the foods that could go well with asparagus is a wise choice. Knowing that asparagus has a strong flavor which goes well with discrete or plain flavors and salty foods, there are certain options that could help you make the taste of this vegetable a lot richer.

Some of these foods are the following:​

  • Cheese and Ham
  • Lamb
  • ​Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Olives, Chickpeas, and Tomatoes
  • Meat
  • Sharp Cheese
  • Hollandaise Sauce
  • Rice
  • Pasta
Foods To Go With Asparagus

Proper Storing Of Asparagus

You should also be aware that over a period of time, the flavor of asparagus could easily diminish. With this, you might want to consider cooking fresh asparagus as for ensuring its taste and full flavor.

But, if there is really a need for you to store the said vegetable, you must not worry as there are proper ways on how to do so. Here’s how:

  • If you have trimmed the bunch then put them in the cup of water in a standing and straight position.
  • Using a plastic bag, loosely cover the batch as for preventing the water from evaporating through the tips.
  • And afterward, place everything in the refrigerator as it is.

These simple steps will help you store the asparagus properly without affecting its flavor and taste.

Ways To Cook Asparagus

And there are different ways on how you could cook asparagus. The most common ways are the following:

​1. Steaming:

This process will preserve the taste of asparagus, however, its texture could be a bit softer. Simply place the spear of the asparagus in the steaming basket and cover. Allow the vegetables to cook for about 3 to 4 minutes.

​2. Blanching:

It would include tying the asparagus in bundles and boiling them only for short amount of time prior to plunging them into the ice-cold water. Aside from preserving the flavor, blanching will also give the vegetable a deliciously crunchy texture making it a lot easier to freeze or to store in the refrigerator once there are leftovers.

​3. Stir Frying:

To do this method, you have to chop the asparagus then heat up a wok and toss it in. Stir in the pan for about a minute up until it is already cooked. And make sure that you add it towards the end of the process and not at the beginning.

​4. Roasting:

A fantastic way in order to increase the characteristic flavor of asparagus is through roasting. Simply preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit then line a tray using baking paper.

Next is to lay the asparagus spears, drizzle with oil and season. You might as well add garlic, lemon zest, pepper, salt, onion and any seasoning. And in a roaster oven, roast it for about 10 minutes. But this process could also be done on a grill.

​5. Griddled:

If you consider this process, heat up a pan and drizzle it with olive oil or with some other kinds of oil. Put the asparagus spears either chopped or whole and cook up until they have already absorbed most of the oil.

This way could give them a lot whole different texture at the same time will infuse them with a great flavor of the oil that you used to cook and some other ingredients that you used like pepper and salt.

You could choose from the above-mentioned ways on how to cook asparagus and enjoy its unique taste.

Amazing Benefits Of Asparagus

Aside from knowing the taste of asparagus and the ways it is cooked, you might as well want to learn some of the amazing benefits of this vegetable. Indeed, its taste is not the only reason as to why there is a need for you to include this in your diet. With the fact that it is a powerhouse in terms of nutritional value, wouldn’t you want to include this on your diet?

A cup of asparagus is enough for almost 70% daily needs of Vitamin K. It also has blend of nutrients that offers anti-inflammatory benefits which would help in lowering the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

amazing benefits of asparagus

And in addition, it has high fiber content that would help to ease digestion at the same time regulate the blood sugar levels. This is also rich in fiber that would make sure that the cells in the body remains healthy through flushing out the toxins and also neutralizing the harmful effects of the free radicals. Indeed, with great health benefits, there is that asparagus is a great choice.

Final Thoughts

Now, you already have an idea of whether what does asparagus taste like. The taste of asparagus isn’t a strange or foreign to you at all. Along with that, you are also provided with some of the most important things about asparagus. The next time you shop or buy for vegetables, never forget to include asparagus on your list.

If you have question or you have something to say, leave your comments below!​

What Does Asparagus Taste Like? Know It Here!
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