9 Best Substitutes For Tarragon To Have In The Spice Corner

After reading this article, you will be provided with options of herbs for you to choose from as the best substitute for tarragon. Read on to learn more about the said herb!

Are you familiar with tarragon? How about its taste? Do you often use it to spice up your cooking? If yes, then you definitely have this herb right in your kitchen corner. But what if you run out of supply? What are you going to do?

Well, worry not because in such cases, there could be the best substitute for tarragon that you could also grab right from the spice corner in your kitchen. You only need to choose which one suits your taste well.


What Is Tarragon?

Prior to knowing the best substitutes, why not learn what tarragon is first. Well, tarragon is referred as a perennial herb having grasslike growing habits.

what is tarragon

There could also be French as well as Russian varieties of this herb however it is the French variety which many would favor. It is known because of its skinny leaves that are highly aromatic and flavorful. And most of the French dishes would heavily rely on tarragon and it is one of the herbs which is included in fine herbs.

Along with that, tarragon is also an important ingredient in Béarnaise sauce having no substitute at all. However, if you see it on the ingredient list for a delicately-flavored and French-inspired dishes including cheese, chicken, fish and egg, you will be able to consider a successful substitution.

When it comes to flavor, tarragon indeed tastes like anise or licorice. Many people do love this flavor, however, some doesn’t like it also. If you are making a substitution, consider the idea whether you want to keep the said licorice flavor or simply replace it with something else.

And bear in mind as well that dried and fresh tarragon do have different taste so substituting one for the other is not a wise choice though considered as an option as well.

Substitutes For Fresh Tarragon And Dried Tarragon

Fresh Tarragon And Dried Tarragon

Tarragon could either be fresh or dried. As said earlier, fresh tarragon tastes differently from a dried one. So, if ever you need a substitute for fresh tarragon, there could be certain options that you could choose from and season the dish effectively.

Some of these options are fennel fronds, chervil, basil leaves, anise seed or fennel seed might as well be used. And there is a need to make sure that these options are a lot stronger compared to tarragon so substitute them with just a pinch.

On the other hand, there are also recipes that would call for a dried tarragon, but if you don’t have any there could also be substitutes. These are oregano, marjoram, rosemary, basil, and dill. Simply use them in an amount equal to what you need for a certain recipe.

Tarragon Substitutes: 9 Best Herbs To Choose From

Tarragon Substitutes 9 Best Herbs

And now, if ever you run out of tarragon, looking for certain substitutes might not be hard if you will have the following in your spice corner:


Angelica Herb

Substitutes For Tarragon Angelica Herb

This is considered as an herb having bipinnate leaves with greenish white or white flowers. But the seeds and roots are the edible ones along with having medicinal value. Angelica herb is being used in order to add flavor in most of the culinary products.

Most people would use the leaves and seeds in flavoring the liquors such as gin and chartreuse. And its flavor in alcohol is indeed very distinct.

Angelica herb also adds some flavor to certain foods like tarragon. It is as well used as for sweetening the food making this one as the best substitute for tarragon. Since it is hard to get it, consider growing it yourself. And it is also good for cookies and jams.



Substitutes For Tarragon Aniseed

When it comes to getting an extra flavor for breading, aniseed could be used. This one is also known as anise. It bears both fruits and flowers which are edible. Anise is also the most commonly associated flavor with licorice. For some, tarragon is described to have mild anise flavor. And this is the reason why anise is indeed a great tarragon substitute.

Along with that, ground anise will work well with eggs, fish, and soups and in stocks or sauces. You might also use ground anise once a recipe calls for a tarragon. Simply begin with a tiny amount of anise and gradually add it since its flavor is a lot stronger than the tarragon.



Substitutes For Tarragon Basil

Being a good option for Italian dishes, there are different types of this herb including holy basil, lemon basil, sweet basil and the Thai basil. It could also be used as a dry or fresh one. Basil has a stronger scent as well as flavor if it is fresh.

If you love pesto sauce, this one is the best substitute for tarragon. It will fit in with the flavors of the chicken, sauce, and cheese. And if you use this herb in baking, it would dry up and would give the flavor to whatever that you will cook.

Basil leaves could also be eaten with sautéed or food. Just make sure that you use the right quantity as for avoiding the idea of under powering or overpowering the flavor.



Substitutes For Tarragon Chervil

Though not common in America, this one also serves as a great substitute for tarragon. The scent and aroma of the chervil herb are the same to that of tarragon and fennel. They are not that strong and is mostly used in England and France. And this herb indeed perfectly complements most foods.

Chervil leaves are also used in order to enhance the flavors of salads, soups, vegetables, white fish, chicken, and eggs. It might as well be a great substitute if you don’t have parsley and chives. Consider having fresh leaves to have a better taste as well and must be added to dishes at the end.



Substitutes For Tarragon Dill

Known as a perfect tarragon substitute, dill has longer and slender limbs. It has leaves that are divided and thin. Simply substitute the right amount since dill doesn’t have the same flavor as the tarragon.

Rather, it has a bitter taste making it a great choice to be used with meat and fish. Only a small amount of dill could already give the best flavor having not to overpower the bitter bite. And you could also make your own rub of this herb at home.



Substitutes For Tarragon Fennel

This one is a leafy green vegetable which has numbers of uses and it has seeds that are used as a spice. Fennel seeds do have a strong anise flavor that makes them a very useful flavor as a great substitute for tarragon.

In addition, fennel seeds also taste best once they are toasted or freshly ground prior to cooking. They could also be used once you run out of tarragon for fish and salads, those with cheeses and in meat or fish marinades.



Substitutes For Tarragon Marjoram

Another great substitute, marjoram has smooth and ovate leaves. It offers a sweet and citric taste. This herb is out of season during cold seasons. It could also be used in stews, sauces, soups and dressings. The same as the tarragon, marjoram is also very versatile making it suits best for dressing meat. And you might also try this in making salad dressing at home.



Substitutes For Tarragon Oregano

Since the fresh leaves of oregano can make a dish so great, this option is used in different dishes for adding flavor. You might add this to the starters, salad dressings, eggs, and vegetables. But it is recommended that you add oregano to meat prior to cooking as it would help in reducing the toxins which could be created in the cooking process.



Substitutes For Tarragon Thyme

And for the most suitable substitute for tarragon, why not try thyme leaves? Aside from being versatile, thyme is very popular compared to some herbs. This herb is being used to give aromatic flavor liquors as well as cheese. And this herb indeed tastes good.

Thyme leaves could be used fresh or dried. You might find thyme cut in sprigs right in the herbal section in the grocery store. Thyme leaves do have white flowers resembling those of the oregano.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The above-mentioned options could be a great choice if you run out of tarragon and your recipe calls for its flavor. Choosing the best substitute for tarragon will also provide you the best flavor you want. The next time you need tarragon and you don’t have one, simply look for these substitutes.

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