How To Reheat Biscuits? The Best Options To Consider

This article is geared towards helping readers on how to reheat biscuits. You will be provided with the best reheating options to consider. So, read on!

Who wouldn’t love freshly baked biscuits? Being so irresistible, biscuits are considered as yummy treats. They are also very versatile wherein you can eat them on your own or only pair them with anything else like a steak or chicken. But, could you make them as fresh as how they were baked as always? You might want to reheat them instead. So, here, you will learn the best ways on how to reheat biscuits.


How To Store Homemade Biscuits?

Yes, you’ve heard it right! There are different ways on how to store your favorite baked biscuits. Though not a surprise for some, still, it is important that you are aware of what to do and what not to do before you think of keeping a batch of biscuits at home.

Homemade Biscuits

But, as a general rule of thumb, always cool the freshly baked biscuits before you store them. So, how are you going to store these homemade biscuits? Here are some of the best ways of doing so:

1. Pantry

​If you choose to store them in the pantry, you could cover them with plastic or foil to ensure that they stay fresh and will not dry out. Releasable bags might also be of great tools for storage however it is advised that you individually wrap the biscuits with foil or paper towel.


​Another great option could be airtight containers and store them at room temperatures. You need to line the bottom of every container with a non-stick parchment paper or a paper towel.

2. Freezer

You can use a heavy-duty freezer bag in storing the baked biscuits inside the fridge. You might as well want to individually wrap them in saran wrap or foil for preventing them from drying out.

3. Chiller Or Refrigerator

Wrap every biscuit in a plastic wrap or foil to keep the moisture in. After that, you place each one in the airtight container or resealable bag before putting in the fridge.

Chiller Or Refrigerator

So, better consider these important notes as you store your favorite biscuits allowing them to stay fresh at least within a period of time. Nevertheless, you still have an option, and that is to reheat them.

How To Reheat Biscuits With Different Methods?

If you think that biscuits couldn’t be reheated, then you’re wrong. In fact, there are various ways on how to reheat biscuits. You only need to prepare the things needed and follow the given steps. And you can successfully reheat your favorite biscuits.

Here are the basic things you will need:

1. Leftovers of Biscuits

Of course! Cold biscuit leftovers are the main item in this guide. You can use biscuits that are cold from the freezer, fridge or room temperature. In storing biscuit leftovers, you have to keep them in an airtight container.

Leftovers of Biscuits

Biscuits are considered as a type of bread leavened with baking powder or soda. They are fluffy and light making them ideal for breakfast with eggs or bacon. And they have golden brown and slightly crispy exterior.

2. Melted Butter

You should consider glazing the biscuits with this melted butter to give flavor and moisture. You could melt the butter by heating it in the microwave oven at medium-low power for about 10-15 seconds only. Or melt the butter in a double-boiler or heavy saucepan.

Melted Butter

Using olive oil rather than butter could be considered or use some bacon grease for a more savory taste.

3. Pastry Brush

Pastry Brush

You will also need a pastry brush once you glaze the biscuits with the olive oil, butter or bacon grease. Though you can do it only with bare hands, without using this brush will lead to being so messy. If there is no pastry brush, you might use a good paint brush, paper towels or cheesecloth.

4. Steps To Follow

Now that you have prepared the items needed, though there are other specific things that you need in each method, you might be ready to follow the steps. Here are the steps in every method:

Method 1: Reheating Biscuits In The Oven

Additional Items Needed
  • Baking Sheet. This sheet will serve as the place wherein you lay the biscuits in the oven. You might use different kinds of a baking sheet, but for even heating, you have to use aluminum. That sort of material will conduct heat very well, and clean-up is a lot easier too.
  • Parchment Paper. In order to prevent the biscuits from sticking to the surface of the baking sheet, you have to use this. Parchment paper will make a non-stick surface and would make it a lot easier to release the biscuits without having to break. Knowing that no biscuits stick into the pans, it also aids for easy clean-up.
Prepare the biscuits for reheating
Step 1. Prepare The Biscuits For Reheating

First is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As you wait for the oven to get hot to your desired temperature, you have to prepare the biscuits for the oven.

You have to line the baking sheet along with the parchment paper. And for consistent heating, you need to put the biscuits in a single layer having ample space in between. With the use of pastry brush, glaze the biscuits with the melted butter.

 Prepare the biscuits
Step 2. Reheat The Biscuits And Enjoy

Once the oven reaches its desired temperature, place the baking sheet of the biscuits in the oven. Once the biscuits are straight from the fridge, you have to reheat for 6-8 minutes. And for frozen biscuits, reheat for 15-20 minutes. If you are done, take the biscuits from the oven then enjoy.

Method 2: Traditional Reheating With A Stovetop

Additional Items Needed
  • Once you choose stove top, you will need a skillet to warm the cold biscuits. Though you might use any pans, cast iron skillet is advised since it could give a good sear to the food. So, once you want the biscuits to have that nice textured crust, a skillet is a great choice. 
  • You might need a spatula which is either made of nylon or wood to flip the biscuits on both sides. Once trying to use a plastic spatula, it should be BPA-free in order to be safe from any chemicals that leech in your food.
  • But if you have a metal spatula, you have to make sure that you don’t scrape the surface of the pan too hard as this leads to scratches.

Step 1. Prepare The Biscuits And The Skillet

Over a low heat, you need to preheat the skillet for around 10 minutes. As for spreading the heat a lot more evenly, you might want to rotate the skillet occasionally.

As you wait for the skillet to become hot, simply brush some melted butter on the biscuits then set aside. If the skillet is hot, put some melted butter then stir around with the spatula.

Step 2. Warm Both Sides
Warm Both Sides

And now, you now have to put enough biscuits to the pan. You need to make sure not to overcrowd the pan or else you will have inconsistent results. Warm every side of these biscuits for around 30-60 seconds. After reheating the biscuits, serve and enjoy.

Essential Tips


You are now provided with the steps on how to reheat biscuits, but along that, consider some of these tips below:

  • The key to a great taste of biscuits, as they are reheated, is the right storage. You have to keep it out from humidity, sunlight, and heat. And it must not be stored next to other items which come with a strong odor.
  • Once you have stored the biscuits for quite a long time, ditch it. And if it is left in the pantry, you only reheat it within two or three days.
  • There is always a need to rotate the biscuits. This is true once reheating in the pan. This will ensure that the heat will be evenly distributed. Or if not, only a portion would be hot, and there would be a tendency to have burn spots.
  • And you might also want to consider spritzing the biscuit with water before heating it with your chosen method. This will be an effective way in order to keep it moist.

Final Thoughts

Well, from the above discussions on how to reheat biscuits, you definitely are provided with ideas to enjoy your biscuits fresh after storing them. You have the freedom to choose over the given methods or whether which one suits you best.

Given the fact that you love freshly baked biscuits, learning how to reheat them once there are leftovers is indeed essential. You can also watch this to help you how to make biscuits.

How about you? Have you tried reheating biscuits before? Share with us your experience and other tips. Feel free to leave comments below!

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