How To Melt Nutella? Here Are The Best Methods To Consider

Looking for ways on how to melt Nutella? If yes then continue reading this post. You will also be provided with important information about Nutella which you love the most.

I know you also find Nutella to be delicious and mouth-watering and so you always wanted to savor and enjoy it. But have you experienced having a hard and dry Nutella? Indeed, such case is common to almost all of us especially if it is from the fridge. You couldn’t spread it on the toast because it is stiff and hard. Quite a bummer, right? So what are you going to do now? Well, worry not as there could be a solution to such problem. There could be ways on how to melt Nutella.


What Is Nutella?

how to melt nutella items needed

But first, let us be familiar with Nutella. Nutella is known to be a form of chocolate spread also having a hazelnut flavor. It is referred as a sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. And the Italian company named Ferrero is the manufacturer of Nutella being introduced to the market in 1940’s.

Nutella has become a popular product, and I am one of those who dearly loves Nutella because it brings people convenient allowing us to have breakfast in the morning. It rapidly spreads out almost all over the world and has become a well-known brand name. And now, it is produced and consumed by many countries as for meeting the demand of many customers.

On the other hand, there is a downside on the part of this Nutella. And it is about being thick making it hard for you to use right away as a dip or decoration. In some cases, Nutella becomes too solid and might not evenly spread on bread, pancakes and more.

Still, don’t worry too much as there could be ways to solve this problem.

Items Needed

melt nutella items needed

Before proceeding to the actual process on how to melt Nutella, being prepared with the needed items should be considered. Here are some of the items you should prepare:

1. Nutella

Of course, you will need Nutella! It is the main item during the process. It could be in a whole jar or a spoonful of it might be enough. The spoonful is enough once it is for spreading on bread but a full jar is needed once planning to make a dessert.

2. Microwave

You will need a microwave if you are to heat the Nutella. But if you do not have one, worry not as there are other methods of melting the Nutella which doesn't involve the use of a microwave. However, it would be an advantage if you have one.

3. Microwave Safe Containers

It is important that you get secure containers that will be used in the microwave which will not heat up too much at high temperatures. They could be plastic containers or glass ones.

4. Spoon and Butter Knife

Spoon will be needed once you are scooping the Nutella into a microwave bowl. There is also a need of a knife once you choose the method of heating the Nutella with a hot butter knife.

5. Bowl

Once you choose the method of using the water bath then a bowl is needed. It is as well possible to use the plastic or glass container once microwaving. Consider bowls that are transparent and so will allow you to see how the Nutella quickly melts.

6. Hot Water and Hot Coffee or Tea

The water is needed if you are going to use the water bath method while the hot coffee or tea would be needed once you are to use the hot butter knife method.

Those are among the items needed once you planning to melt Nutella with the use of different methods.

How To Melt Nutella? Four Methods To Consider

And for the different methods that you might consider on melting Nutella, here are the following:

1. Spoon Method

How To Melt Nutella Spoon Method

One of the most common methods used is the spoon method. Though this one doesn’t work great for some as it needs some elbow grease as well as patience still, many consider this in terms of melting Nutella. Due to its simplicity, spoon method must only be used with Nutella which is slightly thicker than the usual.


  • Grab the Nutella jar firmly and stir it with a spoon for a while up until the heat caused by the friction begins melting the spread.
  • After that, you can already enjoy your Nutella. So simple, right?

Indeed this is an easy but a time-consuming way of melting Nutella so if you are in a hurry, there could be other methods that you might consider.

2. Hot Knife Method

how to melt nutella hot knife

Once looking for the easiest way of melting Nutella and spreading it a lot easier during your breakfast or brunch then this hot knife method is simply the best choice. You would only need hot liquid and butter knife in this process.


  • Heat the butter knife by simply leaving it inside a hot liquid of your choice for a minute or two.
  • If the knife is already warm, you can now spread the Nutella. You will also notice that the hot knife will be able to cut through the spread a lot easier and would make spreading this chocolate a lot faster as well.

In addition, you might also use your morning tea or coffee to heat up the knife allowing you to save time. Aside from saving time, you will also have less to clean and the leftover of Nutella on the knife will indeed give your coffee a boost of flavor. So delightful, right?

3. Microwave Method

melt nutella microwave method

Of course, Nutella jar shouldn’t be in the microwave since microwaving plastics is indeed a bad idea. So, what are you going to do now if you opt to consider this method? Well, in such case, there is a need for you to consider microwave-safe containers or plates for you to melt the Nutella using microwave.


  • Stir the Nutella with a spoon for a while up until it starts melting.
  • Put the Nutella in the microwave-safe containers or plates. Microwave bowls are also recommended as they would prevent any spills.
  • Microwave the Nutella for only 15 seconds. This time duration will work for most microwaves but you might consider 10 seconds or more based on your desired consistency.

And you must not forget to stir the Nutella thoroughly as you pull it out of the oven because this would help in distributing the heat evenly through the entire spread.

4. Hot Bath Method

what is nutella

This one is also referred as “bain-marie” and considered as one among the best methods in order to melt not just chocolate but also anything which needs to be carefully melted.

Hot bath method has its edge over others because it is gentle and it will not cause over heat or hot spots of the food. However, this method might as well take a longer period of time than the other methods. In this method, you will need a large and small container, spoon and hot water.


  • Set the large container on the counter. Put a plate or towel underneath if you want to protect its surface from the heat.
  • Next is to spoon the Nutella into the small container. Nutella jar could already be considered but this could only be done if you plan to finish the jar since reheating the Nutella again and again will definitely change its taste.
  • Put the small container or the jar in the large container.
  • Pour boiling water to the large container ensuring not to let any water to enter the small container. The water must be halfway up the small container or just make sure that the Nutella is covered having no risk of water that comes in direct contact with it.
  • There is a need to wait until the Nutella melts for around 5 minutes.
  • Stir the Nutella every now and then in order for it to properly melts and distribute the heat a lot better.
  • And finally, remove the small container from the water if the Nutella has its desired consistency already.

Those are some of the best methods on how to melt Nutella that you might consider. Simply choose the one which is a lot easier and faster on your part or the one that will provide you the best result ever.

Tips For Melting Nutella

Tips For Melting Nutella

For you to be more guided, here are some tips for melting Nutella:

  • You must stir the Nutella in between intervals if you like it to be heated up evenly. This is needed particularly if you use a microwave oven. It might as well help in reaching a uniform consistency of the Nutella. You could also use a metal spoon or a spatula in stirring the Nutella in between 15 seconds.
  • It is important that you should not allow water to mix into the Nutella. Why? Well, simply because it seizes up or it becomes grainy once splashed even with a little amount of water. This grainy substance is the product of interaction between the sugar particles and the water. So, it is best that you have to cover the Nutella jar once in the process of melting.
  • Heat the Nutella only in short time intervals. Knowing the fact that Nutella easily burns, you must heat it in short time intervals. Remove it for every 30 seconds as much as possible in order for you to achieve the desired and right consistency.

Bear in mind these tips and enjoy melting your Nutella!

Final Thoughts

Indeed, Nutella is a heaven in a jar. It is so delicious, versatile and filling. And best of all, it is indeed a happy treat. So, the above-mentioned methods of melting Nutella should be considered in order to avoid annoying hard and stiff Nutella. The given ways on how to melt Nutella are of great help for you to enjoy such a delightful spread.

If you have other ways on how to melt Nutella, share it here! Leave your comments below. Hit like and share this post as well! Happy reading!

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